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Of the hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide, many are newborn and many are in their last phase of life. It is as if they have a human existence. No doubt though, all companies want to leave their mark in the book of fortune. A man that knows what he wants stands with conviction by his company like he stands by his woman.

The dream we had to fulfill was to become the furniture company that matured into the beauty of a woman that lives and breathes self-confidence. To become the she that births every new product with the excitement and wonderment that a new life brings. Yes…to be a factory of distinction. This life is the creation of a vision seen by two day dreamers…the founders of PRIZMIC & BRILL VALISES AND COMPANIES.

The young Matthew Sven Brill, a New York born designer and philanthropist, hugged his best friend,Vinko Mario Prizmic 27 years ago and announced emphatically, “We are going to make our dreams come true. I will probably, no- forget “probably”- I WILL make the most amazing furniture and you WILL write the most amazing books…and, we ARE doing that now.” One only has to see and touch the furniture and products designed and manufactured by Matthew Sven Brill and Carol Nicdao Brill – to feel the soul of PRIZMIC & BRILL VALISES AND COMPANIES. And so we make our mark…

This is where the magic happens… It is the factory of P&B valises where all of the amazing furniture were made.

“Old World” craftmanship using exciting and eclectic mix of materials.

P & B’s signature style of combining hardwood, hand forged brass and selected leather hides achieve a standard of detail and meticulous craftmanship that has all but disappeared in a world of increasing manufacture of ubiquitous pieces.

The uniqueness of P & B products lie in their ability to work with equal virtuosity in a variety of visually interactive and durable (not to mention sustainable) materials such as recycled aluminium, brass, rattan, glass and textiles.

Since 1986, P & B has created a reputation for re-interpreting and improvising on classic designs, continuously keeping them fresh and alluring.


Prizmic & Brill in in Makati City

The exquisite furniture’s fall into place, that make the shop of  P&B stand out. The shop is located at Greenbelt 5, Makati City. Take a look, to see how beautiful it is, every piece of that shop tells a story with all of the furniture’s inside that box.

They keeping it fresh and alluring, just like a house that we used to redecorate that make us feel at home.

Designer’s mind…
According to Vinko Mario Prizmic – “Design is the only serious thing in the world. And the Designer is the only person who is never serious…Here comes one of the best ones….Matthew Sven Brill.” And this we’re the best…

River House Pampanga

Like a French inspired design huh?…courtesy of qitoya

So refreshing…discover the beauty of Quattro Home Designs

Feel an unforgetable adventure on Safari with the best right here…
Don Young Safari

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