Bohemian (“boho”) design is a style of interior design that began in 19th century Paris. Boho design was the culmination of years of experimentation by renegade artists seeking to upend the aesthetic conventions of the time. And, as a result, it took its name from bohémiens, a French word used to describe a nomad, itinerant, or vagabond, when not used as an epithet against the Roma minority in France. True to form, Boho design is known today for its conspicuous use of exuberant colors, textures, and patterns, as well as its flagrant disregard for the rules of conventional design. Boho design is an essentially contested style, and as such it constantly resists being classified into a singular genre, leaving ample space for different interpretations and adaptations.

P&B adapted the characteristics of Boho design to create these free-spirited, unconventional, and eclectic items. The items featured in this new line utilize eclectic color palettes, elaborate patterns, global influences, and well-worn and naturalistic finishes. They are designed for lounging purposes; they are low to the ground, created using natural materials, and, in some cases, equipped with plush cushioning. Given these features, the boho line lends itself to maximalist settings defined by, among other things, a lack of structure, a warm and earthy backdrop, ambient lighting, and the presence of botanicals, accessories, trinkets, and the like.


Florentine Vanity

Modish Side Table Trunk

Side Chair


Posh Cot

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