About Us


            Prizmic and Brill (P&B) is a design house that manufactures, fabricates, and markets an eclectic line of classical residential and hospitality/contract furnishings. Since its incorporation in 1994, P&B has built a productive capability consisting a factory spanning 75,000 square ft., a specialized workforce comprising 150 highly skilled craftsman spread across several production departments, and a managerial team made up of a highly trained staff that deals in such matters as time in motion, human resources, accounting, financial modeling, computer-aided design (CAD), merchandising, and product development. The design and craft ethos of the P&B product is identified most closely with the Gregorian-Victorian tradition of campaign furniture, particularly its delicate synthesis of high design and portability.

            Defined generally, campaign furniture is any piece of furniture that is designed to break down or fold for ease of travel. As such, campaign furniture was a staple of traveling armies dating back to the series of Roman conquests under Julius Caesar that led to the eventual formation of the Roman Empire in 27 BCE. The British Empire picked up on the idea of campaign furniture in the 19th century, when the British sphere of influence expanded dramatically and saw a corresponding heightening of demand among military officers, colonial administrators, and colonists for high-quality portable furniture for use in long-term overseas deployment,

            In keeping with the aforementioned historical forms, the P&B product is distingished by its the intricate combination of hardwood, hand-forged brass and selected leather hides, and collapsible parts. Despite its association with the campaign tradition, a notoriously conservative furniture genre, the P&B product has — due to its numerous interactions with designers, art houses, and entrepreneurs from different parts of the world, and not to mention the resultant globalization of the creative sensibilities of the P&B workforce — evolved dramatically over the years. Consequently, the P&B product has accumulated a vast collection of material and has taken on a virtually ecumenical design outlook, with a sweeping design catalogue containing items that are regularly shipped to major wholesalers in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. And for its consistent innovations in the theory and practice of campaign furniture over the course of three decades P&B has received a host of awards, including, but not limited to, Golden Shell Award (Top 10 Exporters) by the Center for International Trade, Exhibits, and Missions (CITEM), Best Product Award by the Philippines International Fair Shows (PIFS), and Excellence in Visual Merchandising Award by Ayala Malls (principal developer of Greenbelt 5).

            Finally, the P&B product is divided into four industries: (1) Residential/ Home Furnishings, (2) Contract-Hotel and Resort, (3) Visual Display, (4) PGA Golf. It is made, by stock design and/or by custom design, using a panoply of visually interactive, durable, traditional, and not to mention sustainable, materials such as select hardwood, hand tipped hides, brass, rattan, steel, glass and textile. Different materials that are currently outside the P&B catalogue can be integrated into the P&B product upon receipt of a contract order.

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We offer eclectic lines of classical residential and hospitality/contract furnishings. We produce quality handcrafted products in several themes that include Campaign, Voyager, Orient Express, Dojo, Indochine, Visual Displays, Clubs and Contracts. We do custom design as well.