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Phukets leading importer of bespoke furniture and decor
for luxury homes, hospitality and commercial developments.
Quattro Design has opened a pilot store at Phuket Boat
Lagoon on the east coast of Phuket.
The new ‘pop-up’ store stocked with a tasteful collection of
luxury designs from around the world ranging from vintage
and classic art decor to contemporary minimalist designs is
an exquisite appetizer ahead of the opening of the stunning
new Quattro Design showroom opening soon for decor
lovers at the east coast marina.
Quattro Design directly imports unique contemporary
and classic furniture and home accessories from all over
the world. The nautical style multi-functional coffee table
inspired by classic explorers from Prizmic & Brill and
outdoor furniture by award winning world-class designer
Kenneth Cobonpue are just some of the eclectic items on
display at the new store.
The Quattro Design team specializes in transforming residences,
businesses and resorts with a full range of high-quality eye-catching
items. Discover sofas, armchairs, ottomans, benches, coffee tables,
mirrors, and lighting of definitive prestige, plus a range of stylish and
durable outdoor day beds and recliners to stylize patios and poolsides.
With more than 12 years experience fulfilling the diverse needs of
project developers, residential owners, and interior designers, the
Quattro Design Team are experts at transforming homes, restaurants
and resorts with artistic and unconventional concepts.
Quattro Design also offers a full complement of design services for
home owners and hoteliers, including: design styling consultancy for
interior decor and unique furniture design, furniture specifications,
preparations and high quality furniture manufacturing, custom design,
sourcing of art and accessories, graphic design, linen specifications, and
on-site installations.
We also collaborate with our client’s architects and interior designers
to provide design consultancy on loose furnishings, artworks, home
accessories and finishing touches to their projects.
The company is committed to working with clients to create, develop
and execute their design needs in accordance with their specified
budgetary requirement. We also meet challenges on new trends and
create new themes with maximum impact.
Our professional design team is always constantly seeking innovative
ideas and initiating new concepts that will ensure exclusivity and the
highest quality standard for our clients.
Supported by our professional and well-known team of interior designers and stylists,
the uniqueness and diversity of our backgrounds allow us
to approach the creativity of the decorations from a much broader perspective.
Tel: +662 712 9742, +662 712 9874, Fax: +662 712 9741
Email: info@quattro-design.com, www.quattro-design.com

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