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An unusual fusion of 2 themes that really worked well

Amidst the simple yet almost urbanized province of Pampanga stands an old-style Filipino home that will take you back to the time of 1920s. Home owners Matthew Brill (co-founder of Prizmic & Brill) and wife Carol claims that their home is the best showroom for their furniture business.

The home features well-crafted furniture made from fine woods and leather, washbasins and home accessories made old suitcases stands out in Matthew’s 1,000-square space, which he shares with wife and son. Their home stands in a subdivision that was earlier destroyed by the Mt. Pinatubo eruption, so the family acquired the property at a low price.

When it came to building the actual house, Matthew didn’t really have a plan, not even an architectural drawing of the house. He only took inspiration from his 20-year-old Philippine Ancestral Houses book by Fernando Zialcita and Martin Tinio, wherein he found a blueprint of a plantation house and used it.

It just so happens that he is also passionate about collecting antiques, vintage cars, and motorcycles. He gathered components from old demolished houses from secondhand shops and assembled the different parts of his own home.

Sliding doors, windows, and high ceilings make the Brill home breezy and well ventilated. Even in the smallest corner, you will find items alluding to his business, like these travel cases.

This entertainment spot conveys good quality craftsmanship, which is likewise present all throughout the Brill residence. The wife says their house is Matthew’s baby wherin you will find his creations and collections that combines a masculine yet welcoming look.

The master bedroom shows how ethnic, modern, and industrial pieces can blend well together. The couple’s son’s room showcases his drum set, which he likes to play.

According to Matthew, the tremendous amount of craft is evident in every part of the room. Whether it’s the window, sliding door, or railing—was built on-site. Nothing was brought pre-fabricated.

Inspired by traditional Philippine homes, wood is a prominent construction and furniture material. On the second floor is a large zone dedicated to fitness and fun.

The foyer, where the family receives visitors, is also used as an additional space for social gatherings.

The first structure built on the property, however, was a bahay kubo where Matthew could stay and easily supervise construction. Now, the little headquarters, which is a mini version of the main house, serves as a guesthouse.

Despite the Brill home’s undefined beginnings, every piece is exactly where it’s supposed to be. All of Matthew’s antiques, furniture, accessories, and the assortment of building materials blend harmoniously together.

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