The dojo (lit. “place of the way”) group is the latest addition to the P&B product and one that most radically deviates from the company’s ostensibly Anglo-Saxon design tendencies. Looking eastward for inspiration, the dojo group forgoes the ethos of knock-down fixtures, associated primarily with the British military and colonial elite, for an ascetic ethic, which finds expression among the likes of monks and practitioners of the martial arts. As such, the group captures the experience of a person who, in the endeavor to develop and nurture his craft and wisdom, exercises both the discipline and self-abnegation necessary to impress a master-figure (i.e., sensei) and thereby establish residence in a dojo. More concretely, the group consists items that convey the serenity of meditation and oriental spiritual arts and ritual, incorporating leather craft with tatami mats, hand-crafted wooden furniture, and traditional vaulting equipment of gymnastic spec.