STYLE: Prizmic & Brill

It's odd what you find when you go out there and travel

Over the last 12 months, our passports have been stamped so often they are almost out of pages to stamp; our luggage has gone through so many airports and airlines they have airline stickers all over their once pristine bodies; and our memory banks are now filled with countless images of people and places that have changed our lives. And every once in a while, we will stumble upon some really, really, really, really cool shit.

Amazingly enough, the latest treasure we found was in a high-end mall we frequent in Manila (in the Philippines, in case you didn’t know) in a tiny shop surrounded by other local furniture stores.

It’s called Prizmic & Brill (actually the whole name is P&B Valises et Compagnie, Inc.) and the name is a little bit of a mouthful (and a little unusual) for one whose main outlet is found in Southeast Asia.

The store is rarely open (at least it seemed that way), but today we were fortunate enough to catch them and peruse their wares.

First thing we noticed? Their handmade trunks.

Second thing we fell in love with? Their luggage.

Sometimes they would craft drawers to look like luggage:

And sometimes they would have stainless steel frames which held pieces of luggage that looked like drawers (unfortunately we couldn’t find any pictures online of these).

All of their products are pretty amazing and we here at ESM wouldn’t mind having a piece or two in our homes and offices.

Here’s a little more information about Prizmic & Brill:

The dream we had to fulfill was to become the furniture company that matured into the beauty of a woman that lives and breathes self-confidence. To become the she that births every new product with the excitement and wonderment that a new life brings. Yes…to be a factory of distinction. This life is the creation of a vision seen by two day dreamers…the founders of PRIZMIC & BRILL VALISES AND COMPANIES.

The young Matthew Sven Brill, a New York born designer and philanthropist, hugged his best friend, Vinko Mario Prizmic 27 years ago and announced emphatically, “We are going to make our dreams come true. I will probably, no- forget “probably”- I WILL make the most amazing furniture and you WILL write the most amazing books…and, we ARE doing that now.” One only has to see and touch the furniture and products designed and manufactured by Matthew Sven Brill and Carol Nicdao Brill – to feel the soul of PRIZMIC & BRILL VALISES AND COMPANIES. And so we make our mark…

Prizmic & Brill have also provided furniture for some world class safari companies:

As well some high-end hotels in Southeast Asia like The Peninsula in Hong Kong:

The only downside? Even though their store is located in Manila, their prices aren’t that cheap. One regular sized drawer cost a little over $2,000. And they would only be able to ship it from port-to-port, so you would have to figure out the taxes and any other import logistics.

We even thought of buying the luggage and using it as a carry-on, but not so sure if that was a great idea.

But totally worth it if you could figure it all out.

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