The Ken's Bar

A Prizmic & Brill Masterpiece

Ken's bar is a multi-purpose drinks fixture consisting an integrated system of compartments that together provide for a more efficient mode of preparing and consuming beverages of any variety. Bounded by a stainless steel frame and appointed with a concealable set of shelves, drawers, and cavities, Ken's bar boasts a sturdy construction and a series of related functions.

The namesake of this fixture, the late Ken Bauer, was an individual of many attributes (to which this writer cannot do justice). Among them, and perhaps the most curious (at least in this writer's opinion), was his unique affection for bars. What makes such affection particularly unique is that it had nothing to do with the quantity of drinks that bars normally contain, which, inarguably, is the most commonly attributed reason for an individual's enjoyment of bars.

But rather, it had to do with the subtle quality in which bars enable drinks to be displayed, dispensed, and deposited within the logic of a functional design. In a word, Bauer always viewed bars as the rational vehicles of inebriation that they have never ceased to be and took note of ways to render them more efficient (and hence maximize drunken revelry). And it is with Bauer's astute sensibilities in mind, and not to mention his incalculable contributions to the development of the P&B product, that this fixture is shared in his honor. **

At top, the fixture bears a collapsible bar. The collapsible bar, when deployed, is held open by two vertical single-action brass hinges. Conversely, when folded, the bar is secured by two brass trunk locks. At bottom, the fixture is composed of a series of compartments that are distributed across the trunk. The function of these compartments is obvious: they are meant to store drinks and related items when they are not seated atop the bar. Perhaps most crucial to the functionality of the fixture is the stainless steel frame. The frame raises the center of gravity of the fixture and allows it to endure a significant amount of weight. Moreover, the frame is detachable. With the detachable frame, the bar can be separated from the frame, thus being transportable. However, it is inadvisable that the bar be used without the frame, since the frame is responsible for the truss support of the entire fixture and as a result provides the stability necessary for full use.

** The description of Ken Bauer above is informed exclusively by the opinion of the writer and does not reflect any objective measure of his character. It merely represents the writer's personal experiences with Bauer and the reflections drawn from said experiences.

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