Contract-Hotel and Resort

Contract-Hotel and Resort, is an extension of the private label sub-category of Residential/Home Furnishings. There are many overlaps between the two, not least of which is the level of creative input afforded to the customer. Yet the Contract-Hotel & Resort, differs from the private label sub-category in that products transacted at this category are done so under the framework of a contract. This category, then, is a specific enterprise and effectively serves as another custom-design wing of the P&B product.

As its name implies, products of this category are found displayed and used in hospitality settings – hotels, resorts, country clubs, and the like. Through this category, P&B supplies hospitality corporations such as the Nomad, Sofitel, Aman Resorts Group and participation in the recent refurbishing of Blakes Hotel (London).

Six Senses, Thailand

Hotel Jerome, Aspen

Blakes Hotel, London

Smith and Butcher Grill Room Bar