PGA Country Club

Country Club (PGA)Country Club (PGA), is the most specialized. This category comprises the numerous job orders filed under the auspices of the PGA (The Professional Golfers Association of America). Similar to Visual Display, it involves a great deal of staging. The products under P&B Country Club (PGA) category are exclusive to the sponsorship of the... Read more »

Contract Design

Contract-Hotel and ResortContract-Hotel and Resort, is an extension of the private label sub-category of Residential/Home Furnishings. There are many overlaps between the two, not least of which is the level of creative input afforded to the customer. Yet the Contract-Hotel & Resort, differs from the private label sub-category in that products transacted at this category... Read more »

Visual Display

Visual DisplayVisual Display, as its name suggests, concentrates on the staging activities of the P&B. The most common of such activities includes a number of pop-up retailers, such as Tommy Bahama, Tommy Hilfiger, and Zara. The Visual Display category, then, is the most collaborative and fluid of the P&B product. P&B products from all categories... Read more »

Residential / Home Furnishings

Residential / Home FurnishingsResidential / Home Furnishings, is composed of two sub-categories: (1) branded line and (2) private label. The branded line of Home Furnishings includes all lines of the P&B product that are designed in-house. These products are displayed and sold in P&B showrooms, exhibitions and in the company shop in Makati. Also, they... Read more »