A design house that manufactures, fabricates, and markets an eclectic line of classical residential and hospitality/contract furnishings, Prizmic and Brill was founded on 1986 by Matthew Brill and currently operates out of San Fernando, Pampanga under his auspices.

With its administrative headquarters and main manufacturing facility located in Purok IV, Barangay Del Rosario, City of San Fernando, Pampanga, Prizmic and Brill can be contacted via email, cellphone, and landline. As such, the official email for general correspondence is info@prizmicbrill.com. Moreover, the retail arm of Prizmic and Brill is situated in Greenbelt V in Makati City, and can be contacted through either its landline 02 729 8915 and cellphone number +63 22 865 0279 or its email Shop@prizmicbrill.com.

Since its founding in 1986, Prizmic and Brill has earned a reputation for re-interpreting Old World designs and integrating them with contemporary persuasions. Its signature style of combining hardwood, hand-forged brass and selected leather hides achieve a standard of detail and meticulous craftsmanship that has all but disappeared in a world of increasing manufacture of ubiquitous pieces. With its operations being at the heart of the imperial Spanish conquest in Asia, Prizmic and Brill employs what may be the vestige of handcrafted campaign furniture amidst the backdrop of an ever sprawling industry of manufactured decor.

The uniqueness of Prizmic and Brill’s products lie in their ability to work with equal virtuosity in a variety of visually interactive, durable and traditional (not to mention sustainable) materials such as select hardwood, hand tipped hides, brass, rattan, steel, glass and textile. Among the best-selling items in our existing line of manufacture are the Kipling Desk, Campaign Chair, Director’s Chair, Larry’s Chair, Napa Coffee Table, Bar Trunk, Ralph Stool, Mia’s Sofa, and Carriage Coffee Table. By and large, the informing design and modal craft of the aforementioned items subscribe to the Gregorian-Victorian campaign tradition of design furniture, which above all else privileges an epicurean sense of portability and mobility. In a word, campaign furniture was borne into the Georgian — and subsequently the Victorian — British mainstream in virtue of the primacy of its utility; that is, to enable distinguished travellers and high-ranked military officers alike to bask in their preferred mode of hospitality in wherever yonder regions to which they venture.

The apparent variance of the Prizmic and Brill enterprise, with respect to its industry contemporaries and counterparts at, but not limited to, DECO Central, lies in its embrace of the campaign tradition and more so its penchant for integrating said tradition with increasingly modern and innovative modalities. Which is to say, insofar as campaign furniture served to provide for the habitative demands of the time, in the globalized and cosmopolitan times of this day and age — where mass industrialization and outsourced manufacturing eroded the spirit of craftsmanship and ingenuity in the furniture industry — the need to maintain said habitative demands is being echoed more and more.

In that sense, Prizmic and Brill occupies the niche in the furniture industry in which there is a pre-eminent demand for items that embody a rich lineage of colonial tradition — even to anachronistic lengths – but are purposed for modern iterations. That our clientele would invest so heavily into a seemingly archaic brand of furniture is only testament to the Prizmic and Brill’s ethos and therefore its market niche; namely, as the P&B concept remains classic, the “tradition” will forever be its image and market place. For all intents and purposes, this tradition is malleable; fundamentally, it contorts to the material norms and expectations of the day. Which is then to say, the tradition, as obdurate as it may seem, never goes out of style; granted, it may be old, but it is far from obsolete; instead such tradition only gathers strength over the passage of time.

The scope of the exportation and distribution of products is worldwide with major wholesalers and retailers in the North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. As a result, contract business with hotels and resorts occupy a large portion of production — roughly 90% of Prizmic and Brill’s market. Private label programs, on the other hand, are entertained regularly. However, Prizmic and Brill’s customer base remains limited and exclusive to long-term relationships.