Prizmic and Brill (P&B) is a design house that manufactures, fabricates, and markets an eclectic line of classical residential and hospitality/contract furnishings. A workforce of 150 highly skilled craftsman are spread across several production departments with a factory area of more than 75,000 square ft.

P&B was incorporated in 1994. Prior to its incorporation, P&B operated under the aegis of Design Etnika, a design house that specialized in the manufacture of hand-woven and indegenous materials such as abaca and rattan. The founder Matthew Brill, presently administrates the company, sitting as its incumbent managing director. As such, Brill executes the daily functions of its administrative headquarters and overseas the productive systems of its principal manufacturing facility - both of which are situated in the City of San Fernando, the provincial capital of Pampanga. Beyond Pampanga is the retail arm of P&B, which is based in Makati City, Manila. In Makati, P&B runs a shop in Greenbelt 5 under its brand and trademark “Prizmic & Brill.”

Since its opening in 2009, the P&B Shop has served as a formidable revenue stream for the company. Moreover, the shop has been the recepient of a number of awards, including the “Ayala Malls Best Visual Merchandising Award” (2010, 2011 and 2014).

Over the course of its development, the P&B product has evolved remarkably, involving the gradual integration of bevy exotic materials, hand forged hardware and esoteric design concepts with the P&B product line. As a result, P&B product has been applauded for its steady innovation of the campaign furniture model, and infamously conservative genre of design furniture, throughout its metamorphosis.

Such praise is manifest in the litany of awards hitherto received by P&B, such as those from the Golden Shell Award (Top 10 Exporters) by the Center for International Trade, Exhibits, and Missions (CITEM), Best Product Award by the Philippines International Fair Shows (PIFS), and Excellence in Visual Merchandising Award by Ayala Malls (principal developer of Greenbelt 5).

(Additional praise has been provided individually to Brill, who in addition to being administrative manager of P&B is also its chief designer. One notable example is Brill’s laureateship of Apolinario Mabini Employer of the Year Award -- the namesake of which was the disabled theoretician and spokesman of the Philippine Revolution, and one of the framers of the Constitution of the First Philippine Republic. The employer of the year award was awarded to Brill in view of his significant employment of disabled labor, composed primarily of deaf employees.

Within the P&B design furniture industry, P&B is widely recognized as the premier high-end producer of craft furniture (as the aforementioned accolades may well attest). Among its contemporaries, P&B has earned a unique reputation for interpreting Old World designs and integrating them with contemporary persuasions.

The underlying design and craft ethos of the P&B product takes its root from the Gregorian-Victorian campaign tradition of design furniture. Among its many attributes, the Gregorian-Victorian tradition privileges an epicurean sense of portability and mobility – a highly prominent theme in the P&B product. The P&B product, in view of its Gregorian-Victorian antecendents and of an industry that is increasingly saturated with mass-manufactured furniture of ubiquitous pieces (in order to meet the supply-side dictates In an industry that is increasingly saturated with mass-manufactured furniture of ubiquitous pieces (in order to meet the supply-side dictates of the domestic and foreign marketplace), the P&B product easily stands out. The aesthetic trademark of the P&B product is informed primarily by the intricate combination of hardwood, hand-forged brass and selected leather hides. No less, the craftsmanship acumen of the P&B manufacturing arm affords the P&B product a level of pragmatism that, on its face, betray its more delicate and fragile provenance.

Yet perhaps the most enduring quality of the P&B product lies in its eclectic design catalogue. The P&B product is made, by stock design and/or by custom design, using a panopy of visually interactive, durable, traditional, and not to mention sustainable, materials (as partially mentioned above) such as select hardwood, hand tipped hides, brass, rattan, steel, glass and textile. Different materials that are currently outside the P&B catalogue can be integrated into the P&B product upon receipt of a contract order. The contract enterprise of the P&B product has yielded tremendous leaps in creative design. As previously mentioned, the P&B product, over the course of its development, has accumulated a vast collection of material, owing to the most part to the custom material requests of a number of P&B customers. In virute of repeated engagement with different customers representing a multiplicity of creative enclaves within the design furniture industry from various parts of the world, and not to mention the resultant globalization of the creative sensibilities of the productive forces of P&B, the P&B product has taken on a virtually ecumenical design outlook. As a result, the scope of the exportation and distribution of the P&B product is worldwide with major wholesalers and retailers in the North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

As it currently stands, the P&B product is divided into four industries: (1) Residential / Home Furnishings, (2) Contract -Hotel and Resort, (3) Visual Display, (4) PGA Golf.

Contract Hotel-Resorts

Is an extension of the private label sub-category of Residential/Home Furnishings. There are many overlaps between the two, not least of which is the level of creative input afforded to the customer. Yet the Contract-Hotel & Resort, differs from the private label sub-category in that products transacted at this category are done so under the framework of a contract. This category, then, is a specific enterprise and effectively serves as another custom-design wing of the P&B product. As its name implies, products of this category are found displayed and used in hospitality settings – hotels, resorts, country clubs, and the like. Through this category, P&B supplies hospitality corporations such as the Nomad, Sofitel, Aman Resorts and participation in the recent refurbishing of Blakes Hotel (London).

Residential / Home Furnishings

Is composed of two sub-categories: (1) branded line and (2) private label. The branded line of Home Furnishings includes all lines of the P&B product that are designed in-house. These products are displayed and sold in P&B showrooms, exhibitions and in the company shop in Makati. Also, they are sold ex factory in general purchase orders. By contrast, the private label pertains exclusively to the custom lines of the P&B product. These lines are designed and developed in strict collaboration with the customer for whom the products are intended. The private label, then, represents the custom capabilities of P&B service. Products of the private label appear not so much in exhibitions and showrooms, but in hospitality settings such as hotels, resorts and restaurants. Unlike the products of the branded line, private label products are exclusive to the client who redistribute the product under their own label and are shipped directly to the client.

Visual Display

Visual Display, as its name suggests, concentrates on the staging activities of the P&B. The most common of such activities includes a number of pop-up retailers, such as Tommy Bahama, Tommy Hilfiger, and Zara. The Visual Display category, then, is the most collaborative and fluid of the P&B product. P&B products from all categories are often displayed in unison and, occassionaly, with products from other design houses. Apart from pop-up retailers, it also provides for other flash retail ventures, such as trade fair exhibitions. The P&B product has been showcased in such trade fairs (both domestic and abroad) as Manila FAME, International Furniture Fair Show (IFFS) Singapore, Maison de Objet, The Milan Fair and Highpoint Las Vegas Furniture Fair.

Country Club (PGA)

Country Club (PGA), is the most specialized. This category comprises the numerous job orders filed under the auspices of the PGA (The Professional Golfers Association of America). Similar to Visual Display, it involves a great deal of staging. The products under P&B Country Club (PGA) category are exclusive to the sponsorship of the PGA.

As an export-oriented enterprise located in the Philippines, P&B enjoys a particularly beneficial position in the international design furniture industry. The General System of Preferences (Form A) agreement between the United States and the Philippines provides P&B with unfettered access to the US market, and by extension, to markets interconnected with that of the US in virtue of standing free trade arrangements (partial and total), such as those of Canada, Mexico, and the European Union. And compared with manufacturers based in China, who now have to cope with the disruptive forces of the US’s increasingly protectionist trade policies, P&B is at a most advantageous position. Moreover, as the Philippines continues on the trajectory of economic liberalization, P&B stands to gain substantially from loosening of capital controls, the greater inflow of foreign investment and capital, and the reduction of import-export restrictions. As is generally understood, these reforms are projected to increase the purchasing power for ordinary Filipinos, create a more business-friendly political environment, and further integrate the Filipino economy with the global economy. Greater economic liberalization, in particular the reduction of public sector involvement in the private sector, would mean for P&B lower operation and administrative costs and, conversely, increased margins and an expanded market horizon.

Currently, P&B is in the process of expansion. A new showroom facility is now under development. The “3rd Street” showroom will comprise numerous displays containing products from all categories. The showroom will also serve as a retail space, where products generated through general and custom job orders alike will be displayed.

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